CiaoWeb Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Keep Your Service Contract subscription Free!

  • All  CiaoWeb – Web Services account holders become automatically affiliate
  • Introducing us a new client who buy any of the services offered by our company entitle you to get a full year of your current web site subscription FREE of charge*.
  • E.g. Your are paying £15.00 every month, the client  referred by you pay us on beginning of June 2014. Your next invoice is due  on 15th of June 2014 we’ll stop charging you and we’ll  re-setup the billing cycle to start again on 15th of June 2015 so you will enjoy a full year  of FREE subscription that’s worth £180.00 of savings in your pocket!

Stay free for many years to come

  • Introduce us a friend  or a relative a year and you will keep your CiaoWeb Service Contract subscription forever FREE!
  • In the mean time your business website will work tirelessly  for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • On recommending CiaoWeb you are giving to your friends and relatives the chance to get a professional web presence at a an affordable price.

*if your plan cost more than £15.00 per month you will get £180.00 discount for a year. E.g.if you are paying £240.00 we will deduct £180.00 so your will pay instead £60.00. In case your plan cost less than £15.00 per month you will get the full year FREE of charge.